Haselor Church Registers for the Parish of Haselor

in the County of Warwick
from 1589 - 2012

800 photographs were taken at the Warwick Record Office & Haselor Church of every page of Banns, Marriages, Baptisms and Burial Registers.

Also on the DVD are 4800 entries that have been copied from all the entries of the Registers from 1687 - 2012
There is a photograph number against every copied entry so you are able to see the written entry in the Registers for cross reference. All photos can be enlarged for easier reading.
There are a few names in the registers that I have not yet been able to decipher the writing. This is shown with a question mark or printed in red. There are also many family surnames in the old registers that are spelt in two or more different ways.
The information on DVD is going to save a lot of time, to trace back family history or to find it interesting in reading the registers.
There are two Register books missing. A book from 1631-1679 and a book on Banns from 1758-1824.
The cost of the DVD is 20 plus packing and postage 3 in the UK
All profits going to the church.
If you would like this unique opportunity to purchase a copy then please send a cheque for 23 to "John Finnemore" at the address below. Please also send an email to confirm that you have sent a cheque.
Thank you.

John Finnemore, Walcote Farm, Walcote, Alcester, B49 6LY. john@walcotefarm.co.uk

Below is a small sample on what you will find on the DVD.
Banns 1754 - 1758 & 1824 -1938  
Marriages 1736 - 1777  
Marriages 1754 - 1812  
Marriages 1813 - 1837  
Marriages 1838 - 1950  
Baptisms 1736 - 1812  
Baptisms 1813 - 1891  
Baptisms 1891 - 2012  
Burials 1736 - 1812  
Burials 1813 - 1959  
Burials 1960 - 2012  

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